Ambur POS Software Review

Clean and easy to use, Ambur made its way into the POS world 5 years ago, in 2011. Some months ago, it was bought by ShopKeep, thus providing the program with extra features and utilities.


Ambur can be downloaded and tested 1 month for free. After that you’ll have to buy a subscription, which can cost you:

  • $69 a month for a single device
  • $119 a month for up to 3 devices
  • $179 a month for unlimited devices

Ambur gives the possibility to pay in bulk, once per year, letting you save some money. The subscriptions will cost you respectively $59 a month, $99 a month and $149 a month.

Ambur works with iOS and if you want to buy additional hardware, you will have to shop through ShopKeep, but you have to verify that the hardware is Ambur-compatible.


Ambur not only offers all the features you’d expect from a POS system, but has also a lot of unique ones. The most important ones in my opinion are:

  • Backup: Ambur backups all of your database information hour per hour, even letting you share it by mail as an attachment.
  • Reservation: add your reservations along with the date and time, the number of people and all of the notes you like.
  • Table management: you can easility add tables and customize their shape, position and number however you like.
  • Logs history: Ambur calls it Audit Logs, it records all of the actions taken, who took them and when. This includes what orders have been taken, reicepts that have been printed and so on. Keep in mind that they last only 30 days, so if you want to check anything, you’d better do it soon.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of thing that Ambur does better than other POS sytems, but there are also ones that it does much worse. The good ones are:

  • Easy to set up and to work with: the simple yet elegant and clean design makes working with Ambur a pleasure. This way employees can immediately start working with the app.
  • Constant updates and new features: from the moment Ambur was bought by ShopKeep, new features and possibilities have been added to the app, making it not only available for single-location use, but also for multi-location.
  • Customer support: great job here from Ambur, available to listen to the user’s problems and to fix them.

The bad ones though, which will hopefully be improved, in my opinion are:

  • No add-ons and lacking features: there are no third-party integrations, which is a really important point. Nearly every POS system has them, at least one or two, so it’s pretty surprising to see that this time there are none. This, along with the fact that Ambur itself misses some features, make a pretty big combo. A bad one though.
  • Lacking inventory features: when Ambur was desinged, it was aimed at small (maybe medium) businesses. Now with bigger businesses it is absolutely required to have a good and working inventory system.


Ambur is a good choice for people that run small to medium businesses and that are looking for something easy to use. It is still not suited for bigger ones, even with purchase from ShopKeep.

Final rating: 7.5/10