Bindo POS Review

Bindo is an iPad POS solution designed for retail and food services. It’s cloud based and you need access to the internet to fully use the program, even though you have access to some of the features when offline.


Bindo’s pricing is different from situation to situation. They will assign you someone who will work with you in order to see your needs and to set up your account. Expect at least to pay around $100 a month, or even more if you run a medium/relatively big store. All prices include 24/7 customer support and eCommerce features.

Remember that card processing have a separate fee, which is:

  • $0.15 + 3.49% for keyed transactions
  • $0.15 + 2.49% for swiped transactions

If you are interested in buying separate hardware such as cash drawers and printers, you can do so by going to the Bindo website, which will sell everything you need, even in bundles.


Bindo does an excellent job when it comes to features and utilities. Some of the most important things to point out are:

  • Inventory system: easy to customize, sort and track. There are real time updates which will let you check your stock and your sales. Moreover, there’s a feature called SST, which will let you retrieve all of the info you want about a manufacturer’s item. All you need to do is scan its barcode and you will have the image, the title, the description and everything else you need.
  • Permission and employee management: every employee has their own PIN code, which they will use to log on to the system. This will keep track of how long each individual is working. Of course, employee don’t have access to all of the features of Bindo, but you can assign “ranks” to whoever you want if you want to give them access to some extra utilities. Basically how things work in every MMO guild.
  • Customer management: you can create custom profiles for every customer you want, letting you keep track of their purchases and trends, name, address and the info you need.
  • Reporting: this is basically a summary of the financial aspect of you business: how much you sold, comparisons between your products and so on. A complete analysis of everything you’d want to know about your income.

Pros and Cons

During the time I was using Bindo, I found myself really comfortable and, honestly, I liked it. Users can take advantage of the good prices, excellent inventory feature and item database and the straightforward and easy to use design. You don’t have to worry about training in order to being able to use Bindo and if you ever encounter problems, you can rely on the excellent customer support that they offer. Responses are fast and it seems like they really want to improve your experience.

The only thing I’d recommend you having is a good internet connection, otherwise you can encounter some really big glitches and bugs, which won’t let you work at all. Resets, non-working transactions and so on.


If I had to recommend some POS systems to my best friend, Bindo would be in the list.

Final rating: 9/10