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Should You Switch to POS?

Technology has taken a huge step forward in the last years, it has developed to a point that 20 years we couldn’t even imagine. Our habits have just started to take shape to this new…


Choosing the Hardware for Your POS System

Choosing a POS system to work with is enough of a hassle. Comparing the prices, the features, seeing which one is easier to use and all that really wonderful stuff requires a lot of time….


Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed Restaurant is an iPad POS system for restaurants released in 2014. The “peculiar” thing about Lightspeed Restaurant is that it’s not aimed specifically at a category of businesses, but if I had to pick…


POS Lavu Restaurant System

POS Lavu was launched in 2010, and it’s been a great success until now. Thousands of restaurants in many countries have adopted this POS system, which is very carefully designed and full of features to…


Best Mobile POS Solutions

Technology has evolved to a point where we can do anything we want whether we are at home, at work or outside jogging. Businesses that have adopted mobile POS systems are a lot and they…