Category: Restaurant POS


Revel POS Review

“To revel” sounds fun to a lot of people. Managing the party may not be as fun though. This is where Revel comes in play, a POS system launched 6 years ago in America but…


TouchBistro POS Review

Elegant and simple, inexpensive and effective. TouchBistro is a POS system designed for cafes, restaurants and people who are in the food industry. Users have the possibility to do whatever they need with ease and…


ShopKeep Review

ShopKeep is a remarkable iPad POS solution for people with small to medium businesses that look for something straightforward and feature-rich to use. Even if you don’t run a restaurant, you won’t have any problem…


Ambur POS Software Review

Clean and easy to use, Ambur made its way into the POS world 5 years ago, in 2011. Some months ago, it was bought by ShopKeep, thus providing the program with extra features and utilities….


Toast Restaurant POS

Toast is perfect for people who love food.  Food services of every size, small or big, have the possibility to use this POS solution as they please, even without having any clue about how the…


Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed Restaurant is an iPad POS system for restaurants released in 2014. The “peculiar” thing about Lightspeed Restaurant is that it’s not aimed specifically at a category of businesses, but if I had to pick…