Choosing the Hardware for Your POS System

Choosing a POS system to work with is enough of a hassle. Comparing the prices, the features, seeing which one is easier to use and all that really wonderful stuff requires a lot of time. Lucky for you, this article will take some of your burden and will help you out in the choice of the hardware needed.

Hardware Fundamentals

These are the pieces of hardware that are strictly needed, but that are enough in order to work comfortably and without problems

  • Cash drawer: it’s true that nowadays you see much less coins and banknotes, but they still exist, so there will be many times where a cash drawer will make your life much easier. Not to mentions that the POS cash drawers are much more advanced, since they usually come with Wi-Fi or USB connection with the register.
  • Register: this is basically the heart of your POS system: a computer or a tablet (most of the times a tablet, an iPad specifically) which your POS solution will run on.
  • Credit card reader: a tiny but essential object, which will come in many forms and shapes, but that will do essentially one job: that of sending transactions. Based on the card reader, also known as “card terminal”, you will get support for more types of transactions.
  • Receipt printer: POS systems offer the possibility to email receipts, which is what a lot of customers prefer actually. This doesn’t deny the fact that you need a paper version of the receipt, because there could be customers that like more the old-way of doing things or even because your internet is down.
  • Barcode scanner/Label printer: scanning your items is mandatory, and it’s the reason why you need a barcode scanner. A lot of times it will be paired with a label printer, which the barcode scanner cannot work without. One thing I’d like to note, is that not always you need to buy it, in the case of Clover Station for example, you just needed a webcam to do the work for you.


To Consider

If you are not satisfied with the basic stuff, and you really want to buy something else which will make your life at work even easier, then consider these 3 things:

  1. Rotating bases: you will attach your register onto it, and not only it will work as a base, for keeping it still, but it will also rotate, so you can let your customers sign their payment in the classiest way possible.
  2. Ordering devices: additional touch devices for tableside ordering, this way syncing will happen in a matter of seconds.
  3. Kitchen printers: this could’ve also been part of the essential stuff, but I’ve decided to put it here. They will let you communicate orders with the kitchen, and if the POS system includes such a feature, you will be able to see even the status of the orders.

Final Notes

Well the only downside is the price. You can’t really do much about it when you’re ordering very specific hardware that it’s just supported by a single POS system. Luckily a lot of companies offer bundles, which include many pieces of hardware at a reduced cost.