Clover Go Mobile Payment Review

Clover Go is a new mobile processing solution made by First Data. There are multiple Clover systems, such as Clover Mobile or Clover Mini. What makes Clover Go different though, is the portability and the fact that it’s easy to use. Of course, all you need is an available jack on your device, which the Clover card reader will be connected to. The other systems mentioned above need you to purchase an additional touch-screen device with a built-in card reader.


Clover Go prices vary depending on which reseller sets up the user’s system. All prices come with a monthly fee and there’s a separate fee for using the mobile app, which costs $10. So for example, if a reseller price is $0.10 + 0.25% per purchase + $10 a month, you still have to add the separate app fee. In total it will cost you $20 a month just from the fees.

Remember that you sign a contract with the reseller which will eventually end, depending on many factors, one of them being the price they offer you. There are even contracts which have an early termination fee, or require you to pay a small amount of money upon ending the contract.

Characteristics and Features

Clover Go works well, it’s got a lot of the basic features that all POS systems should have but compared to other apps, I find it “less furnished”. Clover Go can be used as a support which provides basic features to people who want POS systems “on the go”. The top 5 features in my opinion include:

  1. “Easy to pay” mode (as I like to call it, you enter the amount and pay basically)
  2. Unlimited users
  3. Good receipts system, which you can receive by E-Mail or SMS
  4. Customizable tax
  5. Easy and basic inventory system (lacks features like item count for example)


Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros of Clover Go. The app is overall solid and does the job that it’s supposed to. As stated above, I think poeple who use the app as a support and supplement to the key Clover systems, they’ll have no problem at all and they’ll take advantage of the portability that Go offers. Feedback from users have shown that the Clover support system is great at doing its job. The hub on their website is straightforward and easy to use, their 24/7 support satisfies people’s needs, at least more than Square does. Worth noting is also the possibility to sync with other Clover system, which will indeed help out a lot of people that already have access to Clover.

As for the cons, Clover Go has to improve the following points, which I find very important:

  • Lack of features: I’ve mentioned this above, but it’s a must to mention it again. The fact that the app is very basic and doesn’t have a lot of the more sophisticated features that competitors have, really surprised me. It disappointed me a lot, as well as many other people that hoped to find better content.
  • Glitches: I didn’t expect to find that many honestly. Crashes are common as well as some other bugs.
  • Card reader doesn’t work: one of the things that annoys me the most. It’s the very core of the program and it can’t afford to not work. It didn’t for me at first, as well as it didn’t for many other people.


I can’t say I’m not satisfied with Clover Go, it did help me out and it did his job as intended. I feel like the app was developed with the intent to become a good support and assist to the main Clover programs, which require you to have an additional Clover device.

Final rating: 7/10