ERPLY is a POS system launched in 2009, which made its way very far in the Point of Sale systems. It’s growing at an incredible speed and it’s got hundreds of thousands of users.


After the 2 week trial period, you can choose one of the 3 following contracts:

  • $200 a month per location: standard version, includes 1 hour training, online tickets and EMV payments.
  • $350 a month per location: pro version, includes phone support, online priority tickets and data conversion.
  • Enterprise version, prices depends on your status, includes pro features, elite support and onboarding and multiple sandboxes.

ERPLY doesn’t run on iOS, but rather on a browser. All you need is a working computer with access to internet and you’re good to go. If you want to buy additional hardware there are payment devices, scanners, printers, customer displays, scales and cash drawers.


ERPLY offers a lot of features, and I really mean it. I will cover some of the most important/unique ones in this list so you’ll have an idea about what I’m talking about.

  • Payments: not only ERPLY processes traditional card, cash and check payments, but also creates and redeems gift cards.
  • Vendor information: you can keep track of all the contracts, information and items that you bought from your suppliers.
  • Auto-purchase: set an amount that will tell ERPLY that you’re running low on stock, so that you will have your items automatically reordered.
  • Item-tracking: you can check what is in transit, what you’ve received and what has yet to be sent.
  • Sales/Coupons: ERPLY is able to automatically create coupons and sales on particular purchases (for example: 30% on your next xxx purchase)
  • Dashboard: this feature will let you take a look at your general info and summary of a certain period of time (day, month etc.), such as how many items you’ve sold, how many you have left, your top sales and much more.
  • Great inventory system: I’ve already written some of the inventory features above, such as the automatic reordering, but apart from that, sorting is great, you can easily transfer items belonging to different stores, and sort them however you like.

As I’ve said, these are just some of the things that ERPLY can offer. Not to mention that there are a lot of add-ons such as QuickBooks for invoice payments, ERPLY eCommerce, Shopify and a lot more.

Erply_POSPros and Cons

Personally, while using ERPLY, I don’t find a single problem or even something that made me think “Oh I wish this worked better”. The customer service replied and answered my ticket in a relatively short amount of time and it did it well. In the feedback section the one thing that was reported was the presence of some bugs and minor issues. Personally I didn’t find any, and trust me, I’m pretty lucky when it comes to finding bugs.

As for the pros though, ERPLY has a lot of them.

  • Astonishing features: there are so many features I didn’t even think of finding when I was setting up my account.
  • Easy to use: even with many advanced utilities, using them is not difficult at all. At maximum, there could be one or two things that you should get a hang of before using.
  • Good prices: prices may seem expensive, but for what you’re getting, trust me, they’re very good.


What should I say, ERPLY surprised me in the best way possible. It was created with the intention of helping small/medium businesses, but it’s suited for everyone in my opinion. Its growing user base is satisfied and so am I. My personal experience with this POS solution was great and without any problems, so my final rating is 10/10.