Intuit GoPayment

Intuit’s products have always been part of people’s choices as well as mine. I was moderately satisfied with all of them, some more, some less. Intuit GoPayment is a little bit different compared to other POS solutions, since you’ll have to create your account through Intuit, which will provide you with the Intuit QuickBooks Payment system. But anyway, let’s start with the pricing.



Just like some other POS solutions, Intuit GoPayment offers users two main payment options, one with a monthly fee and one without.

Monthly fee

  • $19.95 monthly payment
  • $0.25 + 1.6% swipe payment
  • $0.25 + 3.2% keyed transaction

No monthly fee

  • $0.25 + 2.4% swipe payment
  • $0.25 + 3.4% keyed transaction

It’s also important to keep in mind that in both of these options you don’t have to pay for an early contract termination.



Intuit does an excellent job at many things, some of them being:

  • Good mobile app: the integration of many features and services like QuickBooks, Camera/Barcode scanning for offers, cash records, customizable receipts and multi-user functionality make the app really functional and available for all kind of people.
  • Virtual terminal: gives you the possibility to use your credit cards through any connected computer to the terminal.
  • Merchant account: pretty self-explainatory; includes services such as invoicing.


Pros and Cons

Let’s kick things off with some of the most important advantages when using Intuit GoPayment.

  1. Multi-user service: up to 50 people can be connected to a single account.
  2. Good rates: Intuit doesn’t offer a bad price at all when compared to other POS solutions. Users can choose wheter to have a monthly fee or not and there are a lot of features that you don’t have to pay for.
  3. QuickBooks integration: excellent work by making other Intuit services work seamlessly with GoPayment.

Adding my personal experience to many other people also give a good idea of what should be improved.

  1. Hard to delete an account: there is a very formal and long process that has to be done in order to delete one’s account, which translates to time loss and more importantly, probable money loss.
  2. Slow and not so effective customer support: the POS systems that have a very good customer support are very few but they should be way more than that. How many times does one have a problem (especially with a processing solution) and needs to have his question answered as soon as possible? A lot, actually.
  3. Glitches and contract switch: I’ve read some complaints about this, many people actually had their “No-monthly fee” contract converted to a “Monthly fee” one. This could be one of the glitches and bugs that the system has, but will hopefully get fixed.



Intuit overall did a superb job with GoPayment in my opinion, providing users with unique features and more importantly, multi-user functionality at a reasonable price. Many of the different needs that people have are satisfied with this solution.


Final rating: 8.0/10