Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed Restaurant is an iPad POS system for restaurants released in 2014. The “peculiar” thing about Lightspeed Restaurant is that it’s not aimed specifically at a category of businesses, but if I had to pick one, I’d say either a small one or a medium sized one with not many expectations.


Lightspeed offers 3 pricing options, all of them which offer 24/7 customer support, phone and email. The 3 plans cost:

  • $69 a month ($59 a month annually): “Small” plan, includes 1 register and 2 printers.
  • $119 a month ($102 a month annually): “Medium” plan, includes 3 registers and 4 printers and access to developer APIs.
  • $239 a month ($205 a month annually): “Large” plan, includes 7 register and unlimited printers along with access to developer APIs.

Lightspeed Restaurant runs on iOS devices, but you get access to some of your account information by accessing the website. You can also buy additional hardware, though it has to be compatible with some specific models, which you can check on the Lightspeed Restaurant website.


Here are some of the features Lightspeed offers:

  • Reporting: this is what Lightspeed does at best in my opinion. You can check all of your receipts in a certain point in time and sort them how you need to. There’s also an employee tracking system which will let you check their performance and their income.
  • Employee management: talking about employees and performance, you can manage all of your dependents assignments, permissions, the category they belong to and if out of curiosity you want to compare the incomes, you can do so.
  • Table management: organizing your tables, combining them and numbering them is a process so easy that takes at most 3 minutes to complete. Let’s say 5 if you really don’t like smartphones and tablets.
  • Good customer support: the customer support that Lightspeed Restaurant offers is pretty rare to find. In fact, they provide you with phone, live chat and even TeamViewer support.

The program offers third party integrations, like Xero, a giant in mobile accounting, and Magendo, an eCommerce service provider.


Pros and Cons

It has to be noted that Lightspeed Restaurant has been launched just 2 years ago, so it’s pretty young when compared to other 6/7 years old POS solutions. While I was using it I found myself a little uncomfortable, some of the reasons are:

  • No reservations: when I found out about this I literally said “Wow”. This is one of the things that doesn’t have to be missing in any restaurant POS system.
  • Glitchy: I think I mentioned this in my other reviews, but I’m pretty lucky at finding bugs. And this time I was very lucky. The app kept crashing from 1:03pm to 1:11pm straight, and it was a pretty bad experience, I won’t recommend it to anyone. And yes, I checked the time it started and the time it ended.

There are some advantages though, such as:

  • Easy to use design: accessing the system’s features is easy and doesn’t require any practice. It’s all nice and clean, so you won’t find yourself uncomfortable from this point of view.
  • Good customer support: basically everything I said in the “Features” section. Good job Lightspeed.


Overall I feel like Lightspeed has a long way to go. As of 2016 is still lacking in some aspects, but if you really want you can work with it and put up with some of its disadvantages.

Final rating: 7/10