PayPal Here Review

An online payment giant: PayPal. With hundreds of millions of users, PayPal is by far one of the most (if not the most) popular ways to purchase and send money online. PayPal Here is the company’s mobile processing solution, introduced in 2012. It is in my opinion the most complete, feature-rich and secure choice that you have if you’re searching for a mobile processing solution.



The pricing of PayPal Here is spot on. There is no monthly fee, set up fee and so on. Only transaction taxes, which are:

  • 2.7% for swipe and PayPal payments
  • $0.15 + 3.5% for keyed-in or scanned transactions
  • Cross-border transactions cost 1% more

As mentioned above, there is no monthly fee with PayPal Here; the only thing to know is that you’ll have to pay $20 for a chargeback. Again, there’s no early termination fee and you can close your account whenever you feel like it. From this point of view as well, PayPal rocks.



What makes a thing awesome is its care in the details and in the most important features. PayPal does a splendid job here as well, some things may even surprise you.

  • Free swiper: PayPale Here includes one for free, that will be mailed to you.
  • Multi-user: easy, straightforward, limitless and free for the first 1000 accounts; again, the best that you can find out there considering that some solutions won’t even let you use one extra for free.
  • 1 day refund: PayPal refunds your account in such a short amount of time that one could say it’s immediate.
  • Invoicing: another feature that many don’t provide but PayPal Here does. The invoice is free to send but when somebody pays you a small amount will be subtracted.
  • Check/cash recording: you have all your payments recorded and you can check them anytime you want.
  • Good mobile app/POS: very easy to set up, gives you the possibility to do whatever you need whether you have Android or iOS. Without bugs or glitches.

PayPal Here

Improvements and Cons


Overall PayPal Here is very consistent and its features work without any problems. Yes, it’s indeed one of the best choices you have when you’re looking for a processing system, but it’s not perfect unfortunately. Like Square, its customer service could be improved a lot, but you can’t expect more since it’s got a very big user base. Answers have to be minimal and fast to send. Another thing is the termination of accounts, which PayPal does pretty often due to frauds and scams. Therefore, try to be as clear and as less suspicious as possible so you don’t find yourself without an account to use.



PayPal Here is an excellent mobile processing system without monthly fee, with good prices and a lot of features. My experience was almost perfect if not for the things mentioned just above. I feel like the app deserves a solid 9/10.