Revel POS Review

“To revel” sounds fun to a lot of people. Managing the party may not be as fun though. This is where Revel comes in play, a POS system launched 6 years ago in America but that made its way to many places, some as far as Australia.


The way Revel’s pricing works is a little different than usual. Most POS solutions have fixated prices that you have to pay based for example on how many users you want per account. Instead, Revel bases its prices on the type of industry you work in and offers adequate content and support.

Prices include 24/7 support, software updates and all of its features and a QuickBooks integration. Revel runs on iOS devices, specifically on iPads.


Revel comes with a lot of industry-specific features, but if you want to see the most important and “in-common” ones here they are:

  • Customer information: Revel tracks all of the customer’s purchases and infos, such as name, mobile number and address.
  • Ordering: Revel created multiple ways of ordering, some with a customer-specific design, overall making it much easier.
  • Employee management: every employee has their own swipe card or pin code which they use in order to track the time they spend working, their activities and so on.
  • QuickBooks integration: Revel supports many add-ons, one of them being QuickBooks which is included in the contract price. You will have all of your data such as sales, statistics or inventory sync’d with your QuickBooks account so you don’t have to worry about a single thing.
  • Inventory system: maybe the most detailed feature of the app. It’s so easy that it needs you to only put in the item and its infos. You can sort your inventory by size or color and also import it, which is explained on the support page on the Revel site.


Pros and Cons

Revel hit very high scores on many reviews and even a lot of its users were satisfied in the feedback section. But everything comes with both good and bad things, so let’s begin. This is what in my opinion Revel should improve:

  • Bugs and glitches: there have been many situations in which I found myself unable to use the app, maybe because it froze or maybe because even touching the screen was enough to make it crash.
  • QuickBooks not working: a lot of users have been complaining about the QuickBooks integration which in a lot of cases doesn’t work and worst of all, the technical support doesn’t do much about it.

Apart from this, Revel has indeed got advantages, some of them being:

  • Cloud-based functionality: moving and changing isn’t a problem with cloud-based servers, which in my opinion it’s a must for every POS service.
  • Offline mode: this is a unique and cool feature, even though it won’t be useful very often. You get access to all of the app features, and you can even keep accepting payments.
  • Good customer service: responses come relatively soon and problems will be solved in the majority of cases, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


Revel’s concept of adapting itself to the user’s workplace is just amazing, and it applies very well. Prices overall are good, not expensive at all. The add-ons that you can choose are a lot, it’s just unfortuante that QuickBooks has some problems, but let’s hope that they will get fixed soon.

Final rating: 8/10