ShopKeep Review

ShopKeep is a remarkable iPad POS solution for people with small to medium businesses that look for something straightforward and feature-rich to use. Even if you don’t run a restaurant, you won’t have any problem using ShopKeep.


ShopKeep offers users good prices, without contract but with monthly fee. Other services are included in the price. The monthly fee costs $69, which includes a free iOS app, and 24/7 customer support.


  • Intuitive and straightforward: even though ShopKeep provides some pretty advanced features, accessing them is not difficult at all.
  • Inventory management: not only it includes features like item count, but also very advanced ones which are far beyond the “small-medium businesses” scope. Ordering low stock items and setting reorder points.
  • MailChip and QuickBooks integration
  • Very good customer service: this is probably the best thing that ShopKeep did: running a good customer service. This is rare to see, many of even the most popular mobile processing solutions try to run a faster and easier to manage customer support.

With the app being updated frequently not only these particular features are getting improved, but new ones are also being added.

Pros and Cons

ShopKeep feels really responsive and good to use and like me there are also a lot of people who liked it. Important to note is the superb customer service as already mentioned, which really makes the difference when rated and compared to other systems. In addition, the straightforward and easy to use desing as well as the easy sales track are ShopKeep’s unique strenghts.

As for what could be added or improved about ShopKeep in just one word is: features. It’s true that the app has a lot of them like I’ve already said, but the more, the better. There are some things that are missing at the moment and that should be implemented. This includes kitchen printing,  eCommerce and split checks. We’re counting on that customer support ShopKeep.


Overall ShopKeep is a great POS system which is easy to use, packed with useful features and with a great customer service. If you have any problems they will be solved in a very short amount of time and with great efficacy. If you are running a shop, a cafè or even a restaurant, ShopKeep deserves a try. If you feel like the app needs new features and improvements don’t be shy about telling the customer support.

Final rating: 8.5/10