Vend POS Software Review

Vend was the first of its kind: an online, html5 based POS system. Despite this, there are a lot of offline capabilities, which will easily let you operate and continue to receive payments.


There are 3 plans you can choose from, which are:

  • The starter plan, which includes 1 store, 1 register, 3 users and 24/7 customer support (email only) at $49 a month ($39 a month if you pay a whole year’s price in one shot).
  • The advanced plan, which includes 1 store, 1 register (extra ones at $49 a month), info dashboard and eCommerce at $99 a month ($79 a month annually).
  • The multi-outlet plan, which includes unlimited stores, 2 registers, 24/7 email and phone customer support. And of course all of the advanced plan features at $249 ($199 a month annually).

As already mentioned, Vend is web-based, so the only thing you need is a browser, which apparently has to be Google Chrome. If you want to buy extra hardware such as printers and cash drawers, you can easily do that by ordering them from their website.



  • eCommerce: one of the best ones I’ve seen so far. You can easily create your own website, customize it by adding templates, sync it with your store inventory and choose your domain name.
  • Coupon and loyalty program: nowadays you have to be able to keep the customers for yourself, and you can’t do so if you don’t offer low prices. Vend has an automatic system which will give $1 off for each $50. Of course you can change the values however you like.
  • Inventory management: even if Vend is browser based, it’s inventory system is very well made. Add item names along with their description and image, keep track of their stock and prices, which by the way can be customized depending on your store location or customer type. All of this can be imported and exported as a CSV format file.
  • Customer service: here as well you can import all of the people you need as a CSV file, or you can manually add them and compile all of the information you need about them: name, phone number, address and social media ID.

Of course there are also a lot of add-ons you can choose from, such as Shopify, QuickBooks, Xero and many others.

Pros and Cons

Personally I didn’t find anything really important that was missing but one: no online payments for orders. Nowadays it’s not even hard to have such a feature, so I only hope they will add this.

What makes Vend really worth trying in my opinion could be:

  • The intuitive design
  • It’s hardware free: all you need is a working and decent computer with Google Chrome and you’re good to go.
  • It’s inexpensive: Vend’s pricing is really cheap for what it offers. It’s true that it doesn’t have many advanced features, but keep in my mind that Vend is a web-based POS solution.
  • eCommerce: this is an excellent aspect of Vend, it’s pretty rare to find an eCommerce feature this detailed in other POS solutions.


Vend doesn’t have a store limit, so everyone can use it and have access to all of the features that it offers. It’s true that if someone is really into the “POS stuff” has better options to choose from, but this doesn’t deny the fact that Vend is a really solid POS solution.


Final rating: 8.5/10