Xero Software Review

Xero is an online, cloud-based accounting system that includes features such as invoicing, billing and payroll. Xero is aimed at small to medium businesses that require accounting features for their work.


Xero offers 5 pricing options which you can end when you want without paying any fees. All prices include unlimited users. The prices offered are:

  • $9 a month: starter plan, includes 5 invoices and 5 bills each month, 20 bank transactions reconciliations and there’s also a 1 GB of online data storage.
  • $30 a month: standard plan, includes unlimited invoices, bills and reconciliations. You can payroll for 5 employees at maximum and there’s 5 GB of online data storage.
  • $70 a month: premium plan, includes everything from the standard plan, but has payroll for 10 employees and 10 GB of data storage.
  • $90 a month: payroll for 20 employees.
  • $180 a month: payroll for 100 employees. If you need more, you can add 100 at the cost of $2 a month each.

Xero is cloud-based, so you don’t need any additional hardware except from a working computer with internet access. There are also apps for both Android and iOS, if you ever need that extra portability.



Even if cloud-based, Xero offers a lot of handy features, some of them being:

  • Inventory: it’s nice to see that you can do some cool things with the inventory management feature. You can create items along with the info you need, view their stock and their sales. The quantity will be automatically adjusted based on your bills and invoices.
  • Dashboard: many POS systems have this included, but Xero offers one as well. Statistics and information about your sales and income are detailed and well organized, so it definitely will help you out.
  • Tracking: create categories by which you can sort and check your sales, such as employee performance, location and so on.
  • Cloud file storage: this feature will let you easily save and import receipts and information about your customers or items.
  • Invoicing: you can save them, set reminders for each time you receive a payment, print them or email them. You can create your own personal invoice design and even share it if you want. If you don’t know how to, there is a support page on their website just for this matter.

Pros and Cons

The overall experience that users have with Xero is very good, and I add myself to that list. Some of the most important things you get access to when using this accounting solution are:

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Wide range of features: despite being a cloud based accounting system, it offers a lot of detailed utilities.

There are also some things that didn’t go well to point out, such as:

  • Lacking mobile app: both the apps (iOS and Android) are lacking compared to the original computer version. There’s no point in using the app in my opinion if it can’t deliver the original desktop performance.
  • No phone support: even the highest priced option doesn’t include phone support, which is pretty surprising since a lot of other solutions provide this feature.


Xero offers a great experience to users, delivering good prices and an elegant, easy to use design. The only thing that really could’ve been better from the start, was the mobile application, which doesn’t stand at the computer performance at all.

Final rating: 8.5/10